Solid ideas and economically advantageous solutions

My name is Lennart Droste. I am a German registered attorney-at-law in the south-western part of Germany. I can provide professional advice and economically advantageous solutions, as well as an efficient method of working for businesses, private persons and non-profit organisations.

My focus is on the implementation of contractual and tax arrangements, internet, trademark and data protection matters, advice on non-profit aspects and the accompaniment of inheritance succession. I also provide professional debt-collection services.

Many private individuals and entrepreneurs contact me because they want to implement economic concepts or want to know their inheritance succession regulated. A large part of my task then consists in advising on the legal possibilities and limits, in particular the contractual and tax implications and the preparation of appropriate legal documents. To this end, I also work in part with other consultants.

Especially for foreign individuals and entrepreneurs, the German legal area is interesting.

My previous activity included in particular:

  • Founding and ongoing consultation of non-profit organisations
  • Contractual arrangements within the corporate group, also internationally in several languages ​​and over several legal systems
  • Advice to founders on the implementation of economic and entrepreneurial ideas
  • Advice to digital natives and ongoing support as a local contact
  • Advice, implementation and support of inheritance succession of private individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Founding and consulting of foundations or other non-profit organisations, in particular as an instrument of entrepreneurial succession

Legal areas


I offer you actionable solutions. In other words: I do not sell you any time. Except for special exceptions, I charge my fee based on a lump sum. The type of lump-sum payment – whether in total, monthly or in individual activity sections – depends on the project.

Questions regarding the fee are free. Please feel free to contact me using the options given on the contact page. You will then receive a proposal for the fee and other terms by e-mail or letter.


I am happy to meet bright people with great ideas and would be pleased to support your ideas globally as your reliable legal counsel. I do speak English and German.

If you want to contact me, you can do so by using the options given on the contact page.

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